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TM Technologies provides you with the experience to create a painless and seamless transition to a better hosting environment.

As a division of Orion Network Solutions, with an 18 year history of providing software development to the National Weather Service, You can count on our professional level of knowledge and expertise.

Why TM Technologies



We take security seriously and are proactive in protecting your data and our infrastructure. TM Technologies conducts quarterly security scans of our customers public facing systems (unless you opt out) and delivers details reports of possible vulnerabilities to keep you informed and your data secure.



In the ever-evolving world of business, your resource needs change. Your infrastructure must be able to adapt quickly when you need it. TM Technologies, allows you to scale your computing infrastructure to exactly what you need. In moments you can have more CPU cores, RAM, disk storage or NICs in just a couple of clicks. Our solution adapts to your requirements. We don’t expect you to adapt to us.


Unmatched Reliability

We have taken the worry out of server failure. Our systems have true Nx1 power redundancy for every piece of hardware, all storage is dual mirrored RAID10 arrays, and we have redundant cooling systems for failsafe operation. Best of all, our infrastructure is located in the worlds only Tier IV co-location facility.



Our internal Infiniband structure provides an 80Gb channel between your server instances as well as an 80Gb connection to your block storage. Since your RAM and CPU are dedicated to you alone, this combination enables unmatched throughput for your servers.



Stop purchasing overbuilt, under utilized canned cloud-based solutions. Only allocate the resources you need to keep operating costs in check. Need more resources? Let us know and we can scale up the systems as your needs grow.


customer support

TM Technologies offers 24/7 support for all our hosted hardware. In the unlikely event it is needed, call us and you will reach a live person to help you. We offer the additional included services: load balancing, port based Firewall, and enterprise grade security scanning.

our Services and Value

With TM Technologies and our Partners, you get everything you need to optimize the security and efficiency of your infrastructure.


Are you tired of restrictions in your hosting? TM Technologies provides Live Vertical Scaling. You want more drive space? We click and you have it. You want more RAM, more CPU's? Click and they are there!


Make it your own. Every client has complete unrestricted root access to their server.


With TM Technologies you pay only for what you use. You aren't forced into canned sizes. Your system grows with you. Don't pay for resources you don't use!


Our industry leading partners help us offer world class hosting solutions to provide the best in class hardware infrastructure and services. 

ProfitBricksInfrascaleSymantec   Maas360          Visit our partner page                

It's time to say goodbye to hardware headaches, create a scalable, faster and more efficient network in the cloud with TM Technologies!

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