Pricing Details

1 CPU Core $.0225 per hour 
  • CPU Cores are dedicated 2.8 Ghz AMD Opterons.
  • CPU Cores are not shared or partial cores.
  • Allocatable from 1 to 62 Cores per server instance.
1 GB RAM $0.00663 per hour 
  • Dedicated RAM; not shared.
  • Allocatable from 1 to 240 GB (1 GB increments) per server instance.
1 GB Block Storage $0.05 per month 
  • Permanent storage not temporary storage like other providers.
  • All storage is dual mirrored RAID 10 arrays.
  • 80 Gbps connection speed between server and block storage.
  • Allocatable from 1 GB to 16 TB per server instance.
Outbound Traffic $0.10 per GB 
  • This encompasses traffic that exits the data center to the internet.
  • Internal server to server communication or traffic that stays within the data center is free.
Inbound Traffic FREE  Regardless of where incoming traffic originates, whether it is international or domestic, it’s all free.
Static IP Address $6.25 per month 
Dynamic (DHCP) IP Address FREE 
Firewall FREE 
  • Configurable on a per network interface basis.
  • Port based Firewall
Load Balancer FREE 
  • Supports up to 100 servers.
  • Supports up to 40,000 open connections.
  • Limited to 50 Mbps per server.