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We have partnered with these industry leaders to offer world class hosting solutions to provide the best in class hardware infrastructure and services. 



Cloud Servers - Customizable by you
Cloud Storage - Fast & Redundant
Cloud Networking - Flexible & Extremely Fast (80Gbps)
Price/Performance - Best Value, Guaranteed
Award Winning - Trusted By Thousands

Cloud Infrastructure that’s like your on-site physical infrastructure
ProfitBricks Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage and Cloud Networks behave like the physical infrastructure you are used to. ProfitBricks Cloud infrastructure is easily configurable to meet every specific requirement of your workloads.

No Learning Curve
You and your team don’t need to learn anything new or hire experts. You’ll have production ready virtual cloud infrastructure in hours, not weeks.

Build The Cloud You Need, Not The Cloud Your Provider Is Trying To Sell
ProfitBricks is the most flexible Cloud Computing service available today. ProfitBricks is different. Other cloud providers force you to pick from a short list of cloud server instance sizes and cloud network configuration options, all of which are optimized for the provider’s benefit and not your requirements.
With ProfitBricks, you select the desired amount of processing power up to 62 CPU cores, up to 240GB RAM and the block storage required for your workloads. Plus you have complete network freedom to design any virtual data center architecture you can dream up.

The ProfitBricks Cloud Is, Well …FASTER
Welcome to the highest performing public Cloud Computing Service available. ProfitBricks is more than 2x Faster than Amazon AWS EC2 as found in the results of the open source UnixBench synthetic benchmark. Below is a sample of the performance report showing the UnixBench performance between Amazon AWS EC2 M3 instances, and ProfitBricks cloud servers of the same specs.

Big Data Loves The ProfitBricks Cloud
ProfitBricks Scales Greater and Runs Faster Than Any Other Cloud Provider
Teams responsible for IT infrastructure have been searching for solutions to help their companies take advantage of the Big Data revolution.
Running Big Data workloads on prem is simply too costly and time consuming to be worth their while. To date, public clouds, while seemingly ideal for Big Data, have not had enough performance to drive results efficiently and cost effectively.
Until Now…

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Symantec Endpoint Services

With the ever growing risk of cyber crime and breaches, Symantec solutions provide "always-on Protection" for your Laptops, Desktops and Servers.
Deployment to your devices is simple, seamless and affordable and will scale as you grow or your security needs change, without large upfront costs.

Advanced multi-layered protection from Web threats
Comprehensive URL Filtering with over 80 categories to promote service accuracy
Delivered through a highly available global infrastructure
Backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement

Small Businesses (SBs) often experience a greater risk from hackers, malware and other security threats since they are used frequently as a stepping stone to a bigger targets.

You can have complete protection even when resources are limited. Being resource and budget conscious does not have to mean forgoing necessary protections.

Not all security products are created equal. Small Businesses should look for security products that outperform in three key areas:
⇒ Ease-of-use: Security products that are easy to install and use allow SBs to focus on running their businesses, not on running software.
⇒ Speed: An effective security product should work fast to complete scans without noticable impact to a user's computer or system resources.
⇒ Effectiveness: While speed is important, speed at the cost of effectiveness can be a problem.

For more information check out these documents

Symantec Endpoint Customer FAQ

White Paper_ Finding Email Security in the Cloud 

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Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business data is irreplaceable – more so now than ever before.
Disasters and data loss simply can’t be anticipated. Any company is vulnerable to some type of disruption, whether from hardware failure, theft ,human error, natural disaster, or other factors outside of your control.

The lack of a business continuity plan doesn’t simply mean data loss,  What would it cost you if you lost all your data?
Companies unable to resume operations within ten days of a disaster are not likely to survive.
Infrascale is your disaster plan.
Businesses have to consider protect and recover data from all devices, especially as the popularity of tablets and smartphones
grows. You can implement a complete business continuity plan that backs up and restores:
Androids  •   iPhones   •   Servers   •    Macs   •   PCs

End-to-end encrypted syncing. FileLocker allows each licensed user to securely sync files from multiple folders on their desktop.
Exchange Granular Recovery is the mailbox recovery software that saves time, money, and resources when recovering Microsoft® Exchange Server data.
Exchange Granular Recovery works with your existing Exchange Server backup architecture, and allows you to recover individual mailboxes, folders, messages,
attachments, calendar items, notes, and tasks directly to your production Exchange Server or any PST file.
- Bare Metal Backup from Infrascale provides fast and reliable data backup, protection, disaster recovery, and system migration to get servers online or data recovered as quickly as possible following a disaster. Bare Metal Backup is trusted by IT professionals to back up not only their Windows operating systems (such as Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012), but also their Windows business productivity systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Office Communications Server, Microsoft CRM, and Commerce Servers.
- Notifications enable department managers to monitor team activities and manage projects between individuals. Notifications are available for file sharing, downloading, commenting, and editing.

For more detail checkout this document

The Surprising Affordability of Today's Cloud Archive 

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MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management

With bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and proliferation of mobile apps, your data is especially vulnerable to rogue apps and malicious websites.
IT departments need a modern and comprehensive mobile security solution to detect, block and manage mobile malware.
MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management delivers a state-of-the-art system to protect against mobile malware on iOS and Android devices.
You can gain visibility of these mobile risks and remediate the threats before they compromise your enterprise data.

Mobile Malware Detection and Remediation
Detect apps with malware
Customize acceptable app usage
Set granular policys to take appropriate actions
Enable a real-time compliance rules engine to automate remediation
Uninstall apps with malware automatically
Block access, selectively or fully wipe device or remove device control
Restrict use of MaaS360 container solutions when malware is detected
Detect jailbroken and rooted devices
Detection logic updated over-the-air without any app updates to be more responsive to fast moving hackers
Set security policies and compliance rules
Safely and securely support both BYOD and corporate-owned devices
Proactively manage mobile threats in real-time
Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage of corporate and personal information
Take automated actions to remediate mobile security risks

For more detail checkout these documents

MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management

10 Commandments of BYOD 

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